Beer ingredients

Beer ingredients

These are the ingredients that give birth to the unique taste of La Nena.  


90% of beer

The variety of water is essential to know what kind of beer you are going to get. Minerals to consider are calcium, sulphates and chlorides. They help increase malt and hop extraction and modulate bitterness and texture

Barley Malt

The cereal that provides sugar

To obtain the sugars needed for beer, the enzymes in the barley are activated by germinating the grains. This produces the ‘green malt’, which is then roasted to the desired degree. There is a great variety of grains, and the blends, proportions and components of each one will determine the type of beer.


The unmistakable bitterness

Hops are a delicate flower that gives beer its bitter taste, working in balance with the sweetness of the malt. There are hundreds of varieties of this plant that give a different character to each beer, thanks to glands in the plant that contain lupulin. The hops must be fresh, so it is best to use them when they have been recently harvested.


The essence of fermentation

The microorganisms that make up the yeast are responsible for consuming the sugar and generating the alcohol as we drink it in our beer. This ingredient also produces proteins, vitamins and minerals. This is why beer is such a nutritious and interesting food for our organism.

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